Friday, January 8, 2010

My son, Leonardo

I know I have totally neglected this site and I really have no excuse. I'm just totally slack. SO happy to see that a couple of my favourite bloggers are pregnancy, so exciting!!!!

Just thought I would pop in and publish a couple of photos of my gorgeous son, Leonardo. He was born on 6th November, 2009. Was 9 days late. I was induced after 8 days, went into labour just after midnight. Once labour was nicely established, they realised that Leo was breech, and a bti distressed, so ended up with an emergency caesarean. But he was healthy and beautiful (yes, his legs were bent right up for awhile cos of being breech, but never mind, his hip ultrasound was normal). He was 7lb 2oz, which I was really relieved about, due to the fact that I had gestational diabetes and worried that he would be a tubby bubby.

Leo is now 9 weeks old, and he's just gorgeous. Although he's never been a big fan of sleeping during the day, he's always been quite good at night, and gets up to feed once or twice during the night and goes back to sleep. He smiles all the time, and is just starting to laugh as well.

Who knows if we will ever have any more babies, but right now it really doesn't matter to me, cos Leo is my whole world and I love him to pieces!