Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a quick, spotty update!

OK so I continue to have about 3 spots a day. Just once a day. Just enough to freak me out once a day when I pee.

It's not fresh. I'm not crampy.

I rang my nurse coordinator this afternoon, just for advice. I thought I should probably just give her a head's up, even if it's nothing.

And that's exactly what she thinks it is.

She said she's not concerned, but to let her know if it becomes fresh, or I start getting cramps. In the meantime, carry on, business as usual. Bloods scheduled for Thursday as planned. She said that because I have spotted a little (which is quite common) my progesterone might be a little low, and if it is, I'll go back on some supplements.

Fine with me!!

To be honest, when I stopped the progesterone, I kinda felt like they'd left me to do this all on my own now... where did my training wheels/wings go??? I'm not so sure I can ride/fly by myself!!!!

So, we wait for Thursday.

In the interim, I'm relaxing as much as possible. Clocking a good amount of couch hours.

Tonight I've sent DH out to get me my favourite noodles :)


PJ said...

You stopped the progesterone?

Let me reiterate. ??????

My clinic has you do them up through week 11, I think. I may never know for sure, but I'm pretty sure.

I hope that stuff stops and you no longer have to worry about it.

BTW I love that you "rang" your nurse! Cute! :)


Lea said...

Hoping it's nothing! Too bad it isn't Thursday today. ;)


Hi G,

Still sending you good thoughts! I understand how stressful this time is ((hugs)).

I'm glad your husband is taking good care of you. Make sure he spoils you each and everyday... and then some! :)