Friday, April 17, 2009

12 week scan


I am so amazed at how such a well-formed little baby can be inside me, and I don't feel a thing. And so far I can't really see a thing either! I know it's growing cos I'm still hungry and tired all the time, but apart from that... how would you ever know if you didn't look inside?


When we were sitting in the waiting room, I was starting to think that maybe it was a bad idea to have come back to the ultrasound place where we found the missed miscarriage, and the empty gestational sac. Once I was taken to the change room, and was sitting by myself waiting, I started to freak out a little bit. Had to really concentrate on my breathing, and tried to focus on crap celebrity gossip magazines. Then it was our turn!

I wore long socks, and I was really glad cos they make you change into a gown, and it was a cold night, so the extra coverage was fab :) Turns out we had the same doctor as we did the last time, although I really don't remember him. Guess I blocked him out a little.

Suprisingly, the jelly stuff that they put onto your tummy was warm! I had braced myself for that freezing cold jelly, so that was a pleasant suprise! Dr P put the probe onto my tummy, and on the screen appeared our little Bean...

I feel kinda funny now calling it Bean, cos it no longer looks anything like a Bean! My favourite part is the cute little button nose it has! We could see it's little heart beating away in it's chest, and this time it was clocked at 170bpm! It's really speeding along now, and Bean was asleep at the time too!

Dr P showed us all of Bean's limbs, (I loved the feet, so adorable!) and inside it's head so we could see both halves of the brain. He was trying to measure the skin fold at the back of the neck, but Bean would NOT wake up and move so that he could get a good measurement! He got me to cough quite a few times, but that didn't work. And then Dr P kept jiggling the probe into my tummy (my poor bladder) to try to wake it up! DH said that Bean must take after Mummy, cos he reckons he can never wake me up either :)

Finally Bean moved a little so that he could get the measurement. He had a look at my right ovary, and told me that I had ovulated from that side... I told him that I'd actually ovulated from both, but I don't think he heard me. He said the right ovary is still a little big, but not too bad.

We got a copy of the DVD, and 2 photos. I've posted the best photo. It's the one that I've been taking to work to show people, and I let DH take the not-as-good one to his work hehehe I do work with medical professionals after all!!

Caught up with girlfriends last night, including one that has been in the UK for a couple of years, and we watched the dvd. After a couple of minutes they all got distracted chatting about pregnancy and babies, but I couldn't take my eyes off my precious little Bean there on the screen.


Hope.Faith.Patience said...

Congrats on your 12 week scan!The pic is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and I'm so happy that the appointment went well. Very exciting. :-D

Just Another Infertile said...

I never had the NT scan so I am amazed at the development you can see already. I love the picture!

I'm so glad things are going well for you! 12 weeks- that's quite a milestone.

Clare said...

Fantastic! The pic is great, you must be over the moon!