Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quiet week

In my wonderful scheduling of one appointment a week, in my efforts to keep the year rolling along, I managed to schedule none this week... so it's kinda quiet on the IF front. Actually I had thought that after my RE appt last week, there mighta been some more to schedule, but no! We've apparently completed all of our workup, so nothing new. Hmmm. And then only one appointment next week, and I'm done until Jan 7!

Had the worst shift ever on Monday. Seriously. About half way through it I already awarded it that title, but it didn't get any better!! (I work as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - that means I'm the boss of the shift, looking after babies on life support) I'm not gonna go into it cos I really don't want to relive it again, but some highlights included admitting 4 babies onto life support, personally assisting with 2 intubations, one pulmonary hemorrhage successfully resuscitated, cardiac massage on another little treasure, and personally attending the delivery of a 29 week baby, because I had no staff left that were free to attend it!!! Aaaargghhhh!! That is by far the closest that I have come to having a meltdown at work.

In conclusion, there is no way that I want to have to deal with a shift like that around ER etc, (not just because of the sick babies, but the stress was phenomenal!) so as soon as I get to work today, I'm planning to put in an annual leave application for one of the first weeks in Feb, and hope that my timing is about right!!!!


Just Another Infertile said...

Sorry you had such a rough shift. I can't imagine the stress and responsiblity of your job.

I think it's great you are taking a leave around IVF time. I tried to time mine in the summer when I was off work, but that didn't really go so well. It is actually easier this time because I have work to distract me. But, my job is not as tough as yours.

Lea said...

Dang that sounds crazy! Glad it's over. I think it's a great idea to take some time off around ER or transfer. That would just be too much!

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be keeping up with your journey. Hopefully it's a short one!