Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I hate waiting.

I've run out of appointments.

Just waiting for Flo.

I picked up my script of BCP the other day. How fun. The pharmacy girl asked me if I'd taken it before, and altho I've taken a BCP before (afew years ago now), I hadn't taken that particular one, so I answered "No." So she screamed out to the pharmacist to come and talk to me. I've realised now, the correct answer to the question, would have been "Yes."

I explained to the pharmacist that I'd taken the pill before, just not this particular one. Then he asked me if I was taking it as a contraceptive, or for something else. I must say I was suprised by the question, I thought all 'regular' people took the BCP to prevent pregnancies. I stated that it was for IVF. He decided that my doctor would have already told me more about this BCP than what he could, and as I didn't have any questions, he happily disappeared again.

I couldn't help but feel then that the pharmacy girl was judging me. She probably wasn't, but having my IF 'out there' hardly makes me feel warm and comfortable.

So now I have my BCP tucked away in the cupboard waiting.


I feel kinda irritable and a little bitchy today. Which could be the lack of sleep last night, and the bit of christmas shopping that I threw in after work. Or maybe.....

I asked DH if I could be bitchy to him for a while, just to get him used to it for next month :) Sadly, he declined my kind offer. He is convinced that I will be one of those people who is unaffected by hormones... Hmmm...

Ooh in unrelated news, I have decided that I love love love giving presents to people. But I totally hate shopping. People are so rude, I get irritated as soon as I get to the shopping centre, and that does not make for an enjoyable shopping trip!!


Lea said...

C'mon AF! I hope your BCP stint is a short one.

I hate shopping too. Especially this time of year. Ugh.