Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book shopping. And waiting.

Book Shopping

I stopped at the shopping centre on the way home from work today, and I thought I might as well pop in to the book shop while I was there. I'm after a copy of Invitro Fertility Goddess, and since my credit card never actually has any credit on it, I thought an actual shop would be more successful than shopping online.

How hard is it to find a book about infertility??

First of all, I had no ideas which section to look in. I started in that section with all the baby books (how logical) I think that section is called "Family". Plenty of books about Fertility, getting pregnant, sex, baby names. But nothing about infertility, certainly not about IVF. Maybe the Health section? No. Biography? No. Non fiction??? I ended up looking through every section in the book shop, except non fiction, and children's books. And still left empty handed.



A more recent phenomena of mine is... I'm so tired of waiting!!!!

OK I had a laparascope at the end of August. It was just to make sure all my bits are still where they're supposed to be, cos I had an ectopic removed in May last year, and haven't managed to get pregnant again since then. And I still haven't had my post-op appt with my gynae, J (whom I love with all my heart *sigh* ) J wanted to see me 2 months post op, so that I had time to recover and have another cycle or two. And if I'm not pregnant by that appointment, he will refer us to IVF. Of course no appointments were available for 2 months post op, so I'm waiting for like, 10 weeks!!! Feels like forever to me!! Finally there are only 4 weeks left, but it feels like that appointment is never coming.

Meanwhile, I have a followup appointment next Tuesday with my (newly aquainted) Rheumatologist, to check the results of the millions of blood tests I had a few weeks ago (mostly checking for antibodies, as I was positive a couple of times for the very exciting anti nuclear antibody (ANA). Anyways, on my way home from work, the clinic rang to push my appointment back 2 weeks cos the doctors will be away.... That's fine actually, cos I had my blood tests done at the hospital I work at, and I already know all the results, and they're all fine :)

But more waiting!!!!