Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate and snuggles

Got my period today (hence, I'm sitting here eating chocolate... realised today that's maybe why I always put on about half a kilo when I get my period lol) A little later than I expected, but then again I thought it might me. Cos I had the laparoscopy at the end of July, I wasn't sure what my cycle would be upto this month. Anyway it's here. Bummer.

For the first time EVER today, I was 'clucky' at work. Whoa! I work in a NICU (neonatal intensive care) and SCN (special care nursery). So I'm surrounded by babies all day long. A LOT of babies :) But they're all in there cos they're sick or premature, and that's not what I'd ideally like, so I've never really been 'clucky' before at work.

Until today.

'Gorgeous Giorgios' (only the 'Giorgios' part is his actual name, but the 'Gorgeous' part IS accurate!) a 2.4kg little boy who was heading home today, had wet through his entire bed! Being the nice nurse that I am (and modest) I was changing him for the nurses in that room. After changing his jumpsuit, I was holding Giorgios in my left hand while changing the bed with my right. His little head fell slightly, and was resting against the side of my jawbone. Little fella smelt so nice, and it was such a lovely little snuggle!! I paused in my bedmaking for a moment, and just thought "I want one of these!!" *sigh*

Maybe it was the hormones of the day. Maybe it's my issue with waiting, and being sick to death of it. Maybe it's just cos he's a cute, snuggly little baby who caught me off guard :)


Murgdan said...

Oh bless your heart...I'm sure I could never handle walking into a NICU everyday. I have a height requirement for my patients, like a roller coaster ride. No babies for me. Well. No other people's babies. Then again...the diapers are easier to change than the big people I take care of...

Thanks for following me!

Sarah said...

Oh yea, I'll take baby diapers over geriatric diapers ANYDAY!

Sorry to hear Flo has dropped by again. That bitch.(Does swearing bother you? I'll make a mental note if so)