Monday, September 15, 2008

Coming out...

I know some people's stories are longer than ours. But still, it's too lengthy to really get into right now, so allow me to summarise...

I am 28, D is 30. We got married in 2000, I was almost 21. We had things to do before having kids, I was about to graduate from University with my Nursing degree, we didn't have a big enough house for my liking, and there definitely had to be some overseas travel prior to starting a brood.

We began TTC in late 2004. Gave the pill the flick, got down to business and... success! Only 1 month of trying, and we were pregnant! At 11 weeks, discovered I had had a missed miscarriage. Had a D&C in March '05. Put that down to bad luck, got back to trying. January '06, first trimester miscarriage, followed by another first trimester m/c in May '06. Took a while to get pregnant the next time, made it to the 6 weeks ultrasound, then discovered it was an ectopic. Laparascopic removal, with D&C in May '07.

And nothing since...

We've just recently completed our barrage of testing, and come up with nothing to write home about. D's sperm was 'a little sluggish', but he was sick at the time which apparently makes your boys a little more reluctant than usual. So on the whole... normal.

Until very recently, I considered us 'trying to get pregnant.' It was recently pointed out to me that we are technically 'infertile.' I'm coming to terms with this label.

A few months ago I started to write about our experience in my journal. I find it kind of therapeutic to get it out there.

And after reading quite a few of other women's blogs, I have decided to take the plunge, and blog a bit too... It may not be exciting. It may get no hits. That's ok. It's not for everyone else.

It's for me.


Sarah said...

I have found my blog to be an immense help. SO many woman(and men) are going through the same type of thing.
Writing makes me feel better, and sometimes its really great to have a group of people who KNOW exactly what the hell your talking about. I know it sounds weird but I kinda feel like we're a big infertile internet family.

So, welcome to the fam.