Sunday, September 21, 2008

Footy finals

Well, D's team made the Grand Final in the AFL again this year, so he is pumped. Yay!! Now I just hope that they can win again, like they did last year, cos my Day 14 is right around Grand Final Day, and I want him to be happy and in the mood!! lol Go Cats!!

In church today, the service was offered up for a young bloke in our parish who was killed a couple of weeks ago (Father's Day) after he was bashed outside a nightclub, and his parents had to turn off his life support. I didn't know him personally, but his brother was in classes with me at high school, we graduated together. For some reason, I couldn't keep it together today, every time they mentioned his name, I got all teared up. Apparently mum did too, and she had no idea why. I'm not sure if I was getting her energy, or she was getting mine. Anyway, the thought crossed my mind, if I'm this blubbery when I'm not on hormones, how bad will I be if we end up doing IVF?? omg watch out!!!