Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aches and nerves

I am sorry that I blogged about not being sure about the follies!!! Ever since I let those words spill out into the blogosphere, I have been bloated and achey... which I'm hoping is a good thing!! It's certainly made me feel more relaxed about it anyway. Only 2 more injections now before my date with the dildo cam on Friday morning...

I'm starting to get nervous about the scan. Seems like this treatment takes forever, but then at the same time, it feels like certain milestones along the way are suddenly about to happen.

I know that this scan will be different, because it's not a pregnancy ultrasound. But I have never ever had a good ultrasound.


And I know that makes me more nervous.

Scan #1 diagnosed our missed miscarriage.
Scans #2 and #3 confirmed miscarriages.
Sacns #4 and #5 diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy.

Consequently, I have great difficulty keeping my nerves under control any time I go for a scan. I think it's a learned behaviour. My palms sweat like nobody's business, and I can feel my blood pressure and heart rate rising, the closer we get to the clinic.

I hope this scan is different. I hope I more calm than I usually am for scans. I hope it shows what it's supposed to show. Come on follies, we are all working as a team here, don't you forget it!!


Has anyone been watching the Australian Open tennis grand slam? It's in my home town of Melbourne :) We usually go, but have been a bit distracted this year and didn't get our acts together.

Serena Williams just won her quarter final. She's now the only non-Russian woman in the semis!!

We are in what they are calling our hottest week in a century. Every day for 5 days straight is expected to reach over 40 degrees celcius.
And I am supposed to working night shift all week!! Lucky for me, I had already planned to take the week off on sick leave, only worked one night shift, last night. Thank goodness I am not working tonight, cos I only managed 4 hours sleep... we haven't quite got around to installing the air conditioning yet!!

Needless to say, it is very, very hot. And I am playing netball tonight...


Lea said...

You could send a little heat this way! Brrr. It's cold here.

I get nervous with u/s too. Mine haven't been all bad, but enough have been. I'm sorry it's such a painful experience for you. Hopefully you'll start having some positive results! Go, follies, go!

PJ said...

Oh my gosh! I get nervous about going to the RE a lot. Not all the time, but definitely a lot.

Maybe TMI but, I have acid reflux disease and I frequently have that whole gurgling thing when I'm on the table because my nerves apparently have some control over my esophagus. It's embarrassing!

Ugh! Multiple vials!

So that APA was all they found out with your testing?

I'm excited that you're stimming! I'm sorry I haven't been here to cheer you on more.