Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good day, bad day, good day

Kicked off the morning with the good ol nasal spray... and then off to the clinic for early morning bloods. Today I was finding out if the Synarel spray has been working, and if I'm down-regulated like I'm supposed to be.

There were a whole bunch of women there, apparently they book quite a few blood tests in for the same time. I thought most women might still be in bed at 7.10am, expect for the crazy ones among us who are supposed to be at work already!

Turned out that I was NOT one of the women on the list. Sorry, what? I don't know what happened. The reception lady got my file out, and sure enough, it said I was supposed to be there!! Never mind, I was in the blood taking room for a grand total of about 2 minutes, I'm sure I didn't hold anyone up too much.

She went for a different vein than "Old faithful," which everyone always go for. Sadly, my veins are deep and narrow, a fact which I grew very aware of when I had my ruptured appendix removed, and required a new IV cannula every day.

Anyway, I thought the blood lady was good, but my arm seemed to bruise immediately. Bummer. It still sporting a nice blue glow now. I'm wondering if the vein she used was a narrower one than Old faithful is...

So after bloods, it was time to head 2 doors down, to work. And today was also job interview day!! I ended up applying for the educator position at work. I got inside info, and I knew that only 4 people had applied, so thought my chances were pretty good. Until I got my Synarel-scrambled brain into the interview, and couldn't focus or think of any good answers!! Felt like a complete idiot, pretty sure I blew it... It is not a good sign when one of the interview panel writes the word "Poor" on your sheet, right?? Wish I hadn't seen that...

Don't think that helped with the headache that ended up lingering all day long.

So then it was back to waiting for blood results. I started stressing about them yesterday. I've been really sniffly lately (um, why is that?? It was 41 degrees celcius today, 37 yesterday...) and sneezy!! I know that if you sneeze withing 4-5 minutes of spraying, you have to spray again. But sometimes I sneeze after 6 minutes, and wonder if I absorbed it all. And then I sniff for a good half hour because I'm too scared to blow my nose and maybe lose the drugs in my tissue!!

Anyways, C called me just after 3pm, and said that my blood results were perfect :) We're right to go ahead and start the Gonal-F on Thursday night as planned. I'm going to have a good talking to my ovaries, and then to my follies when they start growing. I want us all to work as a team!!

At least the blood results brightened my day somewhat, and despite the headache, I got my mojo back again!!

Now I just hope that I really can go through with the self-injecting... fingers crossed please!!


Lea said...

Yay on the results! Boo on the interview! I'm sorry that it didn't go well. But cut yourself some slack...this is a lot to deal with all at once. (Note - I need to take my own advice). :)

Sarah said...

The injections are SUPER easy! Seriously. I did them all myself. The needles are so thin, like insulin needles.
And dont worry about the side effects, I'm sure you arent a sensitive freak like me. =)

Just Another Infertile said...

Interviewing and medication, not a good combination. Hopefully you did better than you thought.

You must be so excited to get underway!