Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Showbag with no chocolate

Had our appointment with the Nurse Coordinator, C this afternoon after work.

I had mixed feelings about it. Last night before bed, I went and sat outside for awhile. It was hot yesterday, about 36 degrees Celsius, but by last night there was a nice cool breeze. I had that nervous-excited feeling.

Technically, I started down-regulating on 20th December, when AF came and brought the BCP with her. But I've been on the BCP before. So I guess it wasn't really something new, and although it was a start for sure, I think the real hormones are a lot more real.

So I excitedly/nervously went for my appointment today, armed with my large cheque, my general consent form, and my diary. Hoping that I hadn't forgotten anything!!

It wasn't compulsory for DH to come to the appointment, cos he'd been to the First Cycle Seminar, and he is not giving the injections. But he left work early and met me there (awww). And I made sure that C pointed out to him that he will have to give me foot massages and cook my dinner :)

After C explained everything (most of it was just reinforcing information we'd already been told before), she gave me my bag full of goodies. She commented that there was no chocolate in there, and DH told her that there should be something nice in there! I told her to make a note that there should definitely be a strawberry freddo included. I'm not greedy!

When I got home, I had to clear one of the shelves inside the fridge door... outta my way coffee, basil, cheese... and now my boxes of injection pens and ampuoles are proudly displayed on the top shelf.

So I start the twice daily Synarel nasal spray tomorrow. According to my literature, it "decreases the amount of oestrogen produced by the ovaries providing a more controlled situation for ovarian stimulation and production of eggs." Oh, and the best part is, symptoms include tiredness, headaches, hot flushes and mood swings. Woo!!

I again expressed my concern over the nasal spray potentially giving me nose bleeds. (I have kinda frequent nose bleeds at the best of times, especially coming into Summer as we are, even tho I've had my nose quarterised twice). C said she's only had one girl that had bleeding problems, but if it's a problem for me, to let her know. She said that the drug can be given via injection, but most people tolerate the spray fine. I didn't tell her I'd kinda prefer an injection... hmmm we'll see how we go.

So, I officially jump over the cliff in the morning... hope I don't sneeze within five minutes of snorting, I have to start over!! lol Blood test is booked in for 20th Jan to make sure I'm sufficiently suppressed, and then start on the Gonal-F injections on the 22nd, if everything goes as planned.

Fingers crossed.


Roxy said...

Great idea with the Chocolate treat in the goodie bag! Hope the nasal spray goes well, without any nose bleeds.

Just Another Infertile said...

You sound like you are on your way! I can't wait to hear all your updates.