Friday, January 30, 2009

Ultrasound #1

I admit that I was really freakin nervous about this ultrasound. But, not the complete mess that I usually am before ultrasounds, so that was good. Still anxious, raised heart rate and palms slightly sweaty, but overall pretty good for me!!

I had planned to wear some gorgeous socks ala PJ, but had to revise plans as we are currently in a heat wave, and today is again 43 degrees celcius. So I had to paint the nails instead, and then coordinate my singlet top and undies with my nails :) I give you "Mint Ice"...

The ultrasonographer was really nice, and the probe wasn't too terrible, which was good. And I was super-relieved to see those bunch-of-grape-looking ovaries on the screen!! I was watching her measure them, so I had a fair idea what they would say. She did measure one at 22mm wide, but he looked pretty squashed, only 10mm high. So I did wonder about a lead follicle.

My nurse coordinator told me to stop in and see her after my scan and bloods, and she had the results there for me! (The ultrasonographer used a back door, and brought them in from next door to the clinic). C said I have about 30 follicles in there!! (No wonder it aches when I lie on my tummy) Only about 6 are mature right now, and measuring between about 12-14mm.

I'm so relieved!! I had this mental picture of having my scan, and then getting asked if I was sure I'd been taking my Gonal-F, cos they couldn't find any follies... phew!! C knew I was really nervous about the scan, and she was just lovely and made me feel much happier. All the scans get reviewed in an ultrasound meeting, and then they call everyone with plans. We're anticipating continue the injections over the weekend, and probably re-scanning on Monday. C thinks the follies will be big enough by then, yay!

So, hopefully we can trigger and collect next week... looks like it might even end up being on DH's birthday, which is Thursday. What a treat for him, producing a fresh sample on his bday lol

Looks like the follies listened to us talking to them, and we all seem to be pulling together as a team, so I am happy :) We had hoped they would be ready today to collect on Monday, but realistically, Monday is not a good day to have away from work anyway, so this is probably better.

Now we just have to think of something to do today to beat the heat!! Walking through the house is like walking through a mine field, there's cats and dogs sprawled on the floor everywhere, poor hot darlings!!!


Lea said...

That's great news! Yay for a good scan.:)

Will keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to go as planned and you get a bunch of mature follies next week.

Stay cool!

Sarah said...

Yay! Fingers crossed!

PJ said...

Awww I always get really excited about a shout out from my blogsisters! And the toenails, yea!!! My toes are always way more kempt that usual when I'm anticipating the stirrups!

The mint is nice!

Glad your scan went well. 12-14mm is good for the 1st scan. I bet you'll even have more maturing follies next week, as some often jump in later in the game.