Friday, February 13, 2009

4dp5dt... Waiting...

I'm proud to say that I have not driven myself psycho.


I have tried not looking at anything, or my body, too closely, and trying not to over examine everything I'm feeling. I know that afew of my 'symptoms' are possibly side effects of the progesterone that I'm taking every night.... such as waking up in the middle of the night to pee every night, around 3am. And being quite tired despite being on annual leave this week and taking it easy. And the sore boobs, which frankly have been hanging around for awhile. And I think I've found a couple of veins here and there that I hadn't noticed before, although I am honestly trying not to look for things!!

Today I feel slightly blah. Not exactly nauseous. But as I'm getting hungry, I feel a bit blah. I have this weird thing where I kinda don't want to admit to anyone that I'm feeling anything. Cos what if the embryo hasn't taken, and I end up with a BFN. Then I think I might feel kinda stupid. Or psychotic, which will probably be not far from the truth by next week anyway.

I'm still ever so slightly sore from collection, too, which I am pretty over now. It's just a teeny niggly dull ache now, but I think that 9 days post collection, it should be about done. They did say that I would be sore, especially because they collected so many eggs, but really.

And yesterday (PS this might be TMI) when I wiped after I peed, there was what I assume was some progesterone gel coming back at me. And a teeny bit of brown mixed in with it. I guess it was old blood?? I had a teeny freak out at first, as we do. But then I settled down pretty quickly. It was definitely brown, no hint of red. And I figure it could possibly be from implantation. Or, more likely, probably just a remnant leftover from collection. And I've had nothing since.

I am trying to work out which is the best day to POAS, any advice??? I would hate to do it too early and get a negative. And so far I'm not at that point where I feel like I desperately need to POAS (probably cos I know it's too early right now, and there's nothing I can do about it). But I'm sure by next week I will be holding myself back from buying a test... or seventy.

Oh, also today we got a letter in the mail from my nurse coordinator, giving us a summary of our treatment cycle. Turns out we have just the one snow baby. I'm glad we have one, I would hate to have had none left, out of 27 potentials!! So I told DH that if we want more than 2 kids, we will have to either make 1 the old fashioned way, or do this whole thing again some day, with ICSI. As I've said for a long time to people who ask me how many kids I want, "Let's start with one, and see how that goes" :)


Lea said...

I've been thinking about you! Really hoping this is it!!! I don't think your crazy, if that helps at all. ;) It's SO HARD not to analyze every little twinge and hope, beyond hope that it's the real thing. I'm totally there.

Are you having a beta? I can't remember. If so, when is it???

G said...

Thanks for the un-crazy thoughts! :)
Beta is next Friday, 6 more days now!!

Just Another Infertile said...

The 2ww is so hard. The damn progesterone makes you question everything you think is a symptom. I had implantation spotting too around day 10. Just a little brown and that was it. I hope this is it for you. Hang in there. We will be here to listen and help you get through it.

PJ said...

I think maybe 10dp3dt is when I tested. I am not brave enough to look that up on my blog.

I like the First Response tests, but make sure to get the early detection ones. It's tricky cause, they look almost identical to the regular ones.

And I got implantation bleeding both times about a week after the transfer - so the timing is right on that.

This is definitely the point at which I started going bonkers, both times!

Thinking of you.