Monday, February 2, 2009

Ultrasound #2... woo hoo!!

Let me start by saying, I was feeling SO much better for this ultrasound, than I was for ultrasound #1. Amazing what a decent ultrasound experience can do to thwart one's irrational fear of ultrasounds.

We arrived at the clinic early, traffic was unexpectedly fabulous, even taking into account that it's the kids first day back at school today! We arrived at 6.55am, and my blood giving appointment wasn't until 7.20am. We decided to go in anyway, so DH could read magazines while we waited.

Turns out, most of the 7.10am appointments hadn't gotten there yet, so we were in and out of there in only a few minutes! (much to DH's disgust, he was trying to finish reading the article that he started last time we were there hehehe)

Figured we might as well wait in the ultrasound clinic (next door) even though we were way early for our 7.30am ultrasound appointment... and we got to go straight in there as well!! I rather enjoyed this lack of time to stress about the ultrasound to be honest.

Oh, I went with socks today, because my appointments were right before work. Not too exciting I know, but I'm really into stripes! Can I point out that I also had purple undies, bra and singlet... very coordinated! :)

I thought this ultrasonographer was alot more thorough than the last one. She spent a good deal of time measuring, and she was lovely. (The last one was lovely also). I just kicked back and watched the numbers on the screen. I nearly freaked out when there was one on the left that was 25mm!! A couple of others were 20mm and above, with a bunch of other ones around 16-19mm.

We headed back to the IVF clinic to get the results, and the lady there (not my normal nurse, who didn't start until 9am today) said "You'd better keep Wednesday free!!"

Woo!!! I was so excited, couldn't wipe the smile off my face :) She said that there were lots of follicles, and I must be ready to pop (so true.) She also said it was a really great result for a first cycle. I'm so proud of the team!!

My nurse coordinator, C, rang me this afternoon to give me all the other details. I have to trigger tonight at 8.30pm. No more nasal spray!! SO happy about that!! Tomorrow is a drug free day, also VERY happy about that. And then fasting from midnight Tuesday night, for admission Wednesday morning at 9.30am, and collection at 10.30am. She also checked if I've been having any symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome... that's kinda scary, I guess the follicles must either be humungous, or in a pack!!!

I think DH was ever so slightly disappointed that we're not collecting on Thursday, cos that's his birthday, and he thought it would be cool to conceive on his birthday :) But I'm stoked!! It's getting so close now, I can hardly wait. Was a little hard to concentrate when I first got to work, but now I have only one more day to get through, yay!

My work pants were kinda unconfortable all day today, due to my embarrassingly bloated tummy. Every time I sat down, I had to pull the waist band up so it didn't sit over my ovaries!


In other news, I found out this afternoon that I didn't get the job I applied for. I wasn't even a bit suprised, I'd already convinced myself that I didn't get it. I wasn't too hard to convince, after my lousy, hormone induced interview!!! I'm a little disappointed, but keeping my focus on making a baby, and looking after myself instead. At least I don't have the stress of a new job to add to the mix.


'Murgdan' said...

Sorry about the job...but I'm SOOOO excited for all your other good news.

Sarah said...

Stinks about the job, but daaaaamn girl those follies are doing great!

Keep us posted!

Lea said...

Nice follies, lady. :) So exciting!!! I hope Wednesday goes fabulously as well.

PJ said...


I'm so happy for you!