Friday, February 6, 2009

My well-behaved embryos

And then there were eight!!

One more jumped on board yesterday afternoon, woo! :) C tells me that they're all doing fine, and all where they should be on Day 2. I am so relieved. I hope y'all don't think I was being ungrateful yesterday about having 7 embies in the lab, I was just stressing about them.

I thought C would never call. I emailed her a little before lunchtime and asked her to call me at work, because I had left her phone number at home. Good planning, Mel. Anyhoo, I watched the phone like a hawk for the rest of the afternoon (luckily I didn't have to discharge any babies today!) and it never rang. Dammit.

Got my mobile out of my locker after work, and I just missed her call. Dammit again. Tried calling her back, but there was no answer. Grrrr. I sent her phone number to DH's mobile and asked him to call, as I was about to start driving. 5 minutes later, she called, SO apologetic that she hadn't called me at work. Never mind, at least she called. I would have gone mad thinking and worrying about my embabies all night until tomorrow's call!!

Took me forever to get to sleep last night. First of all, I couldn't get comfortable. How long does this damn bloated abdomen hang around for I ask you?? And then I couldn't turn my mind off. No matter how hard I tried. Think I got to sleep some time around 1am, which always makes the 5.15am alarm more fun!!

Anyway. After speaking to C on the phone today, I am feeling much happier. I'm still having some separation anxiety, but feeling less stressed about the embabies. Tomorrow I get the call to book in a time for transfer.


Lea said...

Hurray for 8! Hope you get more comfortable soon. Doesn't sound like much fun.

PJ said...

I'm catching up on your last few posts, and wow!!!

Oh, I can relate to you on so many levels!

I had the separation anxiety both times. I was more worried about the transfer than the retrieval. By the time of the retrieval, I just wanted the eggs to be out of me, because I felt so bloated.

The bloating, for me, went away a few days after transfer.

Eight embryos is a good, good number.

What an exciting week! Now comes the hard part. :)