Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm starting to wonder why I thought it would be a good idea to chart temperatures, and use better OPKs, and generally just stress myself out more than usual.

I hate the OPKs. They never smile at me. Why?? I just want one freakin smiley face for Pete's sake. I'm now CD19 and no smiley face. So that has thrown off our usual 'love-making' plan. And now I'm pretty sure that we have somehow managed to miss the 'fertile window' and once again I am not pregnant. And I'm gonna have to blame the OPKs. Period. Cos if they weren't a blank face every day, I would not have waited to have sex. I'm annoyed with myself.

So today I got onto a website where you can enter your BBTs, and it draws a lovely little chart for you and predicts your date of ovulation based on your temperature. And according to that chart, I probably ovulated on CD16. And yet the smiley face was blank. I'm going to go insane. Even more so than usual I mean.

And when I start my injectables, do I have to wait for my period to come?? Cos I'm due at the end of the month, which would mean I'll have to wait until the end of January. Which adds on almost an extra month to the wait. Dammit I wanna start already. Shift this responsibility to someone else for a change!!!

I'm so over this, I can't believe I used to think that getting easy would be so easy.


Just Another Infertile said...


I found your blog through mine. I'm glad you are getting ready to start IVF. It does feel better being more proactive. It's hard to wait around for things to happen on their own. (In my case, they never would.) It's good you've made all the attempts you can at trying "naturally." It never hurts.

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I think it's always a good idea to just 'have at it' every second day in and around the time anyway, you never know when you'll be thrown off by dodgy OPK. It does happen.

Charting might be a pain now, but over time you really will see a benefit and patterns.

As for thinking this would be easy.... been there, bought the T-shirt.

Good luck!