Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Wedding Anniversary

Just thought I would liven up my blog with a few pics of from our night away for our Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday...

I decided that we should get away for the night, somewhere fabulous and relaxing, before we head into IVF first thing in the new year. And DH agreed, woo!

So we spent the night in a 'Rainforest Retreat,' our own little 2 storey cottage surrounded by ferns and forest. Bedroom upstairs, with gas log fire. Lounge downstairs with 2 person spa, and 42 inch plasma tv (DH was very excited about that!). I organised in-suite massages for us when we arrived, and we got robes to wear, and take-home slippers, how pampering!! Plus a pack of bath treats, to use while we were there, and take home the left overs.

Left there feeling so relaxed!! Now it's only Sunday, and I already need another massage cos work has been so busy as usual lol I think I should use the upcoming IVF as an excuse to get a fortnightly massage.... hmmm....


Just Another Infertile said...

Happy Anniversary!

That place looks and sounds amazing. I think it's good you got away. The IVF stress can feel overwhelming. I'm glad you took time out for yourselves. If DH and I weren't pinching our pennies so much, we would have gone away last month to, just for the hell of it.

Just Another Infertile said...

too! too! too!

I hate typos on comments :)