Sunday, November 2, 2008

Project Hump-N-Hope

It's officially in full swing.

4 weeks until our next RE appoinment.

Approx 2 months until we start IVF treatment.

It's on baby!!!

I've gone all out for our final 2 months of "old-fashioned" trying. Smiley face OPK (those two line ones were seriously doing my head in), charting my temperature (even on my days off work when I should be sleeping in!). D is also totally focused, and remains excited about having sex on allocated days, bless his heart! We're both still taking our fertility boosting multivitamins. We're going away in a couple of weeks to a B&B in the nearby rainforest area for our wedding anniversary, spoiling ourselves with in-suite massage and aromatherapy spa...

No LH surge today, but when it does... look out!!! We are going full force for our last 2 months, can't say we're not trying hard enough!!!!!


PJ said...

I'm right there with ya! Sort of. I started with the blank faces yesterday. If my predictions are correct, I'll get a happy weekend after next.

But YEP! In the meantime, there is that ounce of hope (and I DO mean ounce) that the old fashioned way will work. Or... we'll at least have fun trying!

At this point, I am baffled that people actually get pregnant that way. Baffled!!!