Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One more thing checked off the list

This morning DH and I attended our compulsory counselling session at the IVF clinic. We really weren't sure what to expect from it. They made it clear that it was not intended as an interview, or selection process, or anything like that, but wasn't really clear what it was intended for.

Our counsellor turned out to be really nice. She asked us about our history, and what had brought us to this point in our lives. She asked a few questions about our feelings, and how we cope with stress and anxiety, but nothing too touchy-feely so that was good. She stressed to me that the hormones can set off bouts of depression, particularly in people who have a past history of mental illness, and said it's important for them to know about any history like that before getting started. She was so insistent, I almost wished I did have a past history of mental illness, seemed kinda like that would made her happy!

Apart from that, she explained the whole IVF process, with groovy pictures (woo!) so that we understood how everything was done and why. (I really, really did not like the picture of them retrieving the eggs by injecting through the vaginal wall - ouchie!!) DH got to play with the injection device, and check out the nasal spray. We got another handbook to read, and a consent form (13 pages) to read through and bring to our next appointment with Dr W.

So one more appointment checked off the list! I am still happy that I spaced them all out, especially since the counsellor said there is no way we will be able to fit in a cycle pre-Christmas. Damn that clinic, they close on December 19th!! Christmas has never been so inconvenient...

Reading through the material, I have convinced myself and DH that I could at least go onto the pill in December when the red menace arrives for her Christmas special, since I don't have to start synarel until Day 17, which will be January by then anyway... hmmm just have to convince Dr W of this fact when I see him at the end of this month :)

In other news, my Fertility Friend reckons I probably ovulated on CD17, despite the dud OPK... if that's true, then we still timed things well this month, despite straying from our usual sex-every-other-day routine. So I'm not beating myself up so much about it now.

Yay me :)


PJ said...

Well that just sucks that you can't cycle before next year!

I don't know how your clinic does it, but the egg retrieval for me was not bad at all. They put me out under general anesthesia. I was a little groggy for the rest of the day and just took it easy with Tylenol to help. Don't let the needle scare you!

It's nice that you got some counseling. We didn't get squat, really. We just got a packet of information. I had NO IDEA that the meds can spark a depression! And I've been in this, and blog reading, etc. for a long while.

'Murgdan' said...

December 16th! Holy cow...maybe I should get a job in a fertilty clinic! What a great vacation they get...I'd better check with mine, maybe I can't schedule that Sonohystogram and mock transfer near my December ovulation. Crap. Damn vacations.

And for the record...I know I'll be knocked out, but I don't want to know anything else about that vagina needle!