Friday, November 21, 2008


(Oh, thank god my internet is working again, I was totally having withdrawals!!!)

I tried to book all our appointments that have anything to do with IF and getting knocked up, about a week apart, to make me feel like things are still rolling along until the end of the year, even though I know we have to wait until Jan to really get things moving.

So Wednesday night was a seminar held by my IVF clinic. Most of the appointments that we have with them, are held in the rooms at the clinic. However this was more of a general introductory seminar, and open to the general public, not just us 'card-holders', so it was held in one of the lecture theatres at the hospital where I work. And there was the problem.

I'm pretty selective about who I allow in to our 'secret life of IF'. Our close friends know. My family knows. That's it. So when one of my colleagues and her husband joined the group of us waiting outside the lecture theatre, I felt seriously sprung. And totally powerless about it!

On the upside, we were sprung by J, the music therapist who works on our ward, who is such a lovely, fabulous woman that I get along with really well (isn't that typical, wouldn't be a total bitch, undeserving of children that has IF issues, no no no!) After the seminar (which was ok, but a lot of stuff that I've heard before, now that we've already attended our counselling etc) she wished us good luck, said she hoped to see me 'raging around the unit on hormones soon.' I wished her good luck as well, said I'd be totally understanding if she was ever really agro at work, and then we left.

And I kinda get the feeling that we shall never speak of this again. Kinda felt like we were both attending a secret meeting, with exclusive membership of course, but the kinda meeting that absolutely never gets mentioned again.

Really hope I don't feel awkward next time I see her at work.
Really hope she doesn't feel awkward next time she sees me!

Although we're far, far, far from veterans at this stage (we haven't actually got started yet!) I still felt like we were so much further along than everyone else there. Based on the questions they were asking, I think that introductory lecture was the first step they've taken in their journey. Whereas we've already had investigations, appointments, we've registered, we've had our counselling...

Next appointment is next Thursday, we go back to see Dr W. I think we get to make a treatment plan, which will involve me informing him that I want to start the pill in December, so that I'm ready to start sniffing synarel in January. Found out the clinic reopens on Jan 5, so that should be fine. I have decided! lol


Just Another Infertile said...

I know what you mean about your secret life of IVF. Funny, today I just posted about telling my boss. I hate telling people.

You're right. Just getting to IVF feels like a huge hurdle.

I'm glad your internet is up and running!