Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Declaring War

Seriously, I'm gonna declare war on my uncooperative ovaries very very soon. What the?? Day 16 and still no smiley face. As if I needed more to worry about Grrr Are they trying to sabotage my last 2 months of hopeful trying??? I think there may be some protest sex today...

Unrelated to that, my friend A (who is now 8 weeks) and I went to visit a friend M on Saturday night. We met when A and I looked after M's premature baby in our NICU almost 8 years ago (God that makes me feel old). Anyway, M is totally gorgeous, inside and out. She had a miscarriage before her premmie, and she is very understanding about what D and I have been going through, and very excited about us recently progressing to IVF referral. A took the opportunity during the visit to tell M her news, and of course M was very excited, even cried a little. Then I got this lovely lovely text message on my phone on Sunday...

"Great to see you and A last night. Fab news for her & Matt :) V exciting! Hard on u I know. Here if you need a cuppa or to vent. Even though u really happy 4 them, its hard not 2 wish it was u 2. Call if u need. In the mean time focus on all ur appointments & the new year will b here b4 u know it. Stay strong xx"

Such a nice change from ass-vice, it made me cry a little bit.