Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've officially joined the club!!!

Welcome to me!! lol

Guess what was in the mail today when I got home? Membership cards for our IVF centre!! lol Okay okay, technically they are not membership cards, they're called 'ID cards' or something boring, but they're laminated cards with our info on one side, and the IVF clinic's details on the other... and I have my very own number, so I reckon I'm a member now!!

To be honest, it was slightly scary to find this tangible evidence of our membership to the IF club. I guess it's rock solid now, no denying it (tell that to my mother). And I guess I was feeling a little lost, seeing as I wrapped up my preliminary stuff only 1 day after our RE appointment, and it felt like just a long wait for something else to happen... then, suprise!! A very discrete white envelope with no distinguishing logos or anything on it turns up in the mail and now...

We're officially in the club!

Make room, gang :)


Sarah said...

I know I felt like I had been inducted into the IF club as well. I had joined a group of hella courageous woman and families dealing with the same thing we are.