Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you kidding me??

OK, I could handle hearing that my BF, A is pregnant, cos I knew she'd been trying for 10 months. (Thankyou for preparing me hehehe)

But then 2 days later, another of my close friends, K, tells me that she is also pregnant.... No preparation!!! They weren't even trying, hadn't been planning to start trying. She couldn't get an appointment to see her GP for a pill script, so she didn't take her pill for a couple of months. I would liken this feeling to... getting kicked in the teeth.

Lucky for me, I held it together fantastically to her face, and by the time I had a sudden surge of tears in my eyes, she was facing the other way... also luckily, I had a glass of wine in my hand which I could quickly use to drown the passing feeling of nausea and anguish. Oh, and I checked with my other best friend, J, who was watching me at the time, and says K didn't notice a thing. Phew!!

See the thing is, I really am happy for both of my friends. Truly. Doesn't mean I'm not a little jealous and hurty at the same time! And I would positively hate to spoil their moment by erupting into a ball of tears. Boy, wouldn't that put a dampener on their news-sharing!! And I would feel terrible. TERRIBLE!

The good news is, I'm alright again. I spent the whole day with K yesterday, and thank god she's not one of those girls who just wants to talk about being pregnant the whole time. She didn't even bring it up. I think maybe she's still in shock actually. She's 9 and a half weeks, hasn't even decided where she's having the baby!! lol That was really a shock to me, I have had my obstetrician and hospital locked in for 4 years now, and still not pregnant yet :)

Walking into work today, A was complaining a little bit about her boobs already, and how they're sore, and they're big, and she's gonna have to get new bras soon... and she's 6 and a half weeks. I'm sorry, but I think expanding breast size due to pregnancy is just a good excuse for new lingerie lol Don't cry on my shoulder!!

And now there are only 3 more sleeps until I see Dr W... hooray! :)