Thursday, October 16, 2008

My best friend's pregnant

Yes that's right, my best friend!! And here's a funny thing... I haven't felt upset about it. Maybe cos we've had some progress this week, and I'm feeling positive about things happening for us too!

She's only 6 weeks, and is telling hardly anyone at this stage cos she's worried something might go wrong. She told me last night, and I was the first person outside of her family that she told, which is kinda cool. Altho she told me today that she was shitting herself, cos she thought she would upset me. And also told me today that I can tell her to shut up at any time, if she's talking baby too much. Hasn't stopped her in the last 10 months while they've been trying!!! lol

So, one of my other close friends is due in January (right near my birthday!), now A is due mid June. So I figure we've gotta get knocked up asap, so all our kiddies can be a couple of months apart, and we can all be on maternity leave together!!! Ah, dreams..... they keep me going sometimes.

Still stoked to have got our IVF doctor appointment so soon, but not getting my hopes up about a pre-christmas cycle. Also, trying not to convince myself that we'll have a one-cycle-wonder. Of course I'm staying positive about it all, just don't want to kid myself and end up disappointed.

Oh, this rollercoaster we ride.