Saturday, October 25, 2008

The verdict is in...

OK we finally had our appointment on Thursday!! Yay!

I was feeling kinda nervous and excited at the same time (Yes, I said excited. About visiting an infertility doctor. Remind me when my life took that turn??) Our appointment was for 1850, and we arrived at the waiting room right around 1845. Don't ask me why I was thinking that there wouldn't be much of a wait...

M the receptionist was lovely, very sweet, but has a slightly annoying sing-song kinda voice. I found it cute the way that she would try to be subtle when handing out IVF information to couples, when in fact she has one of the loudest voices in the world. I suppose she has to try, confidentiality and all that, but really I don't think any of those couples are fooling anyone, rocking up to an infertility doctor who specialises in IVF!!

Anyway, we got cosy in the corner (the room was pretty full) and initially I was feeling really self conscious, trying not to 'check out' all the other infertiles, wondering if we fit in there!! I read a magazine, almost cover to cover (I never usually have time to catch up on all the Hollywood goss) and then checked the time... we'd been there for an hour already!

Another hour later (Yes, that's a total of 2 hours in the waiting room), with only us and one other couple waiting, we got in to see Dr W.

I'm not confessing my love for Dr W just yet, cos I think that would be totally betraying Dr J, whom I love with all my heart lol But Dr W was pretty damn nice I have to say. Dr J had written him a page and a half letter about me (awww) and totally blew my cover in the first paragraph, telling Dr W that I am an NICU nurse. I thought I would get away with that one for a little bit at least. I hate when medical professionals assume knowledge, and then don't fill D in on everything cos they think I already know. Not that Dr W did that at all, he was really good. He just asked me if I've ever seen him over at the hospital. He does look familiar, I'm sure I've seen him around. Plus, his name is on one of the doors I walk past in the obstetrics department on my way home :)

Basically, Dr W just reiterated a whole lot of stuff that Dr J had already told us. Which was great, I love love love consistency of information!! And based on our history, Dr W thinks that the only way to go is straight for IVF, with a stimulated cycle. The verdict is in!! Also, because of my positive ANA results, I have to start on aspirin as soon as I get a BFP, and if we happen to miscarry again (please God no) then he would put me onto heparin as well.

The only slightly disappointing part here is that bloody Christmas is coming up, and Dr W doesn't want us to have to rush through everything to squeeze a cycle in pre-Christmas. He says we should enjoy our egg nog at Christmas without worrying, and then go hell for leather next year. I guess we're ok with continuing Project Hump N Hope for another 2 months... I guess...

I'm considering getting a couple of months of acupuncture while I'm waiting, get my Qi all aligned or whatever in the mean time.

So I filled out all our registration forms as soon as we got home from Dr W's office, and after work yesterday (only 2 doors down from the IVF clinic), I went and dropped them in, and donated some more blood to science. So now, we are officially registered for IVF. Woo! I love giving away non-refundable administration fees hehehe

In the state we live in, it is legislated that all couples undergoing IVF receive counselling, so I booked that session in while I was there. Now just have to book in a seminar for first cyclers, and I think our preliminary stuff is all booked!!

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a big box of expensive injectable hormones. I promise I've been really good this year.


PJ said...

If my center pulls the holiday stuff on me, I may go off! I may freak out, so freakishly that they will have to freak out! I'm freaking serious! :P

After telling me that I miscarried the other day, my nurse said we could try again but "the holidays are coming up". And a few days later the RE blipped "we may rest you, we'll see"... Sigh.

It's TWO days, and not even consecutive days. Honestly, I don't see how it could mess the cycle up too much.