Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No nerves

So the day has finally, finally come that I get to go back and see my beloved obstetrician (I don't think we have RE's here, but I could be wrong). Considering I've been counting down the weeks, for the past 10 weeks, and then counting down the sleeps, I am strangely not nervous about the appointment. It's a nice feeling. Usually when I'm going to see Dr J, I am almost hyperventilating, palms sweating... let's see how I feel once I get to the waiting room, that is usually the test for me.

His receptionist called this morning to see if we could push our appointment back until 4.30pm, from 3pm, so that they could squeeze in an 'urgent' appointment for someone else. I briefly panicked that she was going to change my appointment to a whole other day, which I would not have been happy about; and I actually consider my own appointment to be mildly urgent, but what the hey. As long as it's today, I can cope with that.

So, my gut pain went after about 48 hours. I guess it was just a bit of gastritis or something. AF is due in about 2 days, so I did a quick pee-on-a-stick just so I knew the result was negative prior to attending my appointment. (Good on me, I wasn't even disappointed by it, never got my hopes up too much this month, yay)

In related, annoying news... I always get sore boobs for almost exactly 7 days prior to the arrival of that bitch, and so far this month... I've got nuthin!! Which pisses me off a little, makes me wonder what my body is playing at. Grrr

Oh and lucky me, I have 2 days off work with a URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) and scored some antibiotics. Woo.


More news later today. I hope.


Sarah said...

Oh, I'm sorry your sick! That stinks!