Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The results are in

Just got home from my appointment with my rheumatologist, Dr M. All went well, exactly as I expected (no, I'm not psychic, but I do have access to my blood results via the hospital pathology system). My Obstetrician, Dr J sent me to see him because I have had two 'weakly' positive blood tests to anti-nuclear antibodies, and he wanted to make sure that I didn't have some kind of autoimmune disorder such as lupus that was messing with my pregnancies.

I saw Dr M about 6 weeks ago, donated some more blood and urine, and have been waiting around for my followup appointment. Even though I knew he was going to say 'everything is normal, you can forget that you ever tested positive for ANAs, and I will refer you back to Dr J.' Dr M even gave me a copy of the letter that he has sent back to Dr J. The verdict is...

On examination, she is completely well. There are no clinical features of connective tissue disease, and her general physical examination is completely normal.

You hear that, ovaries and uterus? Completely normal!! How about you start acting that way!!!

So now there are only 7 more sleeps until I go back to see Dr J. FINALLY!! A light is at the end of this tunnel (not the exact light that I'd really like ie a baby, but a light nonetheless!) Dr J can call in the cavalry at long last and help me out!!!

God knows I can't do this by myself.