Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ho hum

God I'm feeling emotionally average today.

AF came last night, and with her came the crushing of my stupid fantasies, and the reality is that I'm still the same non-pregnant chick. Ehhhh.

I gave A a little present at work (actually I had to hide it in her bag while noone else was in the office, cos she hasn't told her colleagues yet, too early) It's just a token acknowledgment of her pregnancy really, a teeny gift bag with a cute cute pair of mary jane socks, a travel size pack of elmo baby wipes (so cute, they have little elmos printed on them!), a travel size dettol hand rub, and a travel size tube of anti-stretch mark cream.

She looked in it after she got home, and sent me a thank-you text. I told her the socks were for her, not the baby (D had joked that it would take a long time for bubs to grow into the socks) and she sent one back saying but if u saw how fat my tummy is already getting it mite fit the bub soon.

Why does that make me teary?? I think maybe the reality, and the jealousy of her pregnancy is finally starting to sink in. Oh well, I guess a week of feeling okay about it was pretty good on my behalf.

Hurry up tomorrow, I'm over it today.


Sarah said...

Its hard. My friend is 9 weeks pregnant, I cried when I found out. I cried for a few days after. I'm ALMOST doing ok with it now. ALMOST. Its been 5 weeks since I found out and I am just about able to swallow the lump in my throat.

I'd say you're doing really well with it all things considered.