Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moving on

OK I know I was saying how un-nervous I was yesterday... and I did pretty well!! Got a slight attack of sweaty palms around the corner from J's office, but kept breathing pattern under control, and butterflies at bay... yay me! (I have this theory that becoming incredibly nervous when going to J's office is a learned behaviour, like those Pavlov's dogs. And I totally learnt it!! Still trying to get over my irrational fear of obstetrician's and ultrasound guy's waiting rooms)

Turns out my uterus and ovaries are in tip-top shape, woo! J made an extra copy of the photos, as I requested, so I stuck a copy of them into my folder of wonders lol Actually the pics were kinda cool, my right ovary was ovulating at the time. Good to know that it was right on schedule, doing it's job! The tubes flushed just fine, which was a relief after the ectopic was cut out of the left tube last year. So, overall a big tick for my equipment lol

J asked us if we are ready to move on with things, and referred us to a specialist at the IVF centre (conveniently located a couple of doors down from my work). J says that we should be able to get an appointment with him (Dr W) in a couple or a few weeks, which is exciting. Of course there is a whole process to go through, we're aware of that, but this is a start!! J thought we might even be able to squeeze in a cycle of something before Christmas, but I am trying not to pin my hopes on that. Anyway, that's a vast improvement over the rumoured 4 month waiting list I had heard there was at my IVF centre.

So anyway, J's receptionist got on the phone to Dr W's rooms as soon as we got out, but damn their efficiency in leaving the office on time!!! It was 5.01pm, and nobody home... which leaves me today waiting waiting waiting for my phone to ring.... It hasn't rung yet. What are they waiting for??

I know there is more waiting to do.

I know there is more process to get through.

Of course I know there are no guarantees!!

But this is progress, and I can see that little glimmer of light at the end of this God forsaken tunnel... fingers crossed